May Ride Report

Here’s the ride report from Ned:
Our many thanks go out to our Guide: Jerry & Marylyn.  Day one was the 
best Trail I have ever
been on. You just can’t believe that we were in Delta.  up to 9600 ft 
with snow around the  Rocks. Big green grass, Mine cabins, & Stories 
about the the area from Larry & Jerry.

One loop on the way down Sue got out, I entered the drop area, ( Black 
Diamond) I heard
Sue Scream, I felt like I was falling in the right direction, Bob was 
on my left rear handing on
to to me as the RZR lifted both rear wheels into the air.  I slid down 
between the rocks, like
a Pro that was out of control, Larry was directing my front wheel to 
fit the trail and I slid into
a safe drop on the trail.  My Heart was pounding.  Jeannie Said. oh, I 
didn’t think about it and
just went down threw it.

Great trails, Caves all over the mountains. Large Granite Rock 
formations.   the top let us
look all the way to Hay Stack mountain,  50 miles north was Calio,  
What a view.
We Stopped off at the the Rock Quarries & 2000 year old Chalimijtes & 
families with buckets. hammers, busting the rocks to find them.   We 
got 2 perfect ones & 6 others in 30 minutes.
We went up a side canyon and had lunch in a cave, then on to Death 
Canyon and over
the top to the salt flats on the north.   Yes we found a l953 Dodge 
truck full of bullet holes
and a wooden floor board.   We all got in the truck for our group Photo.

Our Breakfasts, were Eggs, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Larrys special 
Potatoes, French toast,
Cantaloupe,   Dinner was perfect with the input from all.  Meat was 
Pork, steak, chicken.
Yes All Who did not come missed 3 great times together.   Jerry 
brought a picnic table
and we all sat around the fire and eat Hot Cobbler from Larrys dutch 
oven & Ice Cream.

Over all I give us a AAAA for a perfect Trail, eventful ride, with 
challenge to all
My Thanks go out Sue, Larry, Marylynn & Jerry, & Ned for a great week 
end.  Doug Nielsen
drove from Calif. to get there on sat. Ride.   Larry took him back on 
the Friday trail.
a big smile was on both there faces as we passed them on the Road 
coming off the hill.

Larrys Dutch oven is a must on every ride.  Lets look forward to the 
next one and thanks
to all who came to Delta.    Ned.
Bob, Nan,Paul,Karen,Larry,Jennie,Jerry, Marylynn,Doug, Sue, Ned. & 

January Newsletter

Pathfinderzz News

Pathfinderzz ATV Club of Utah

Volume 09 Issue 1                                                                                                                                                    January 21, 2009



Mark Your Calendars  



February 6: Rally at the State   Capitol Building 12-1 PM


• February 22: Cut-off date for registration for the Tri-State Jamboree                         


• March 11-14: Tri-State Jam­boree in Hurricane                     


• April 10-11: San Rafael Swell Ride • May 15-17: Ride and BBQ place to be announced.           


• June 11-13: Kanab Ride         


• July 23-25: Paiute Rude         


• August 17-21: Big Ride 4                 


• August 29: Hobble Creek       


• September24-26: Moab         


• October 30: AF Canyon


Welcome to 2009 



It’s a new year and hope­fully a good one. Gas prices are down (knock on wood) and hopefully the economy will improve soon. We have our first African-American Presi­dent who promises change. We held our annual club meeting on January 10.  Thank you Charlie and Mary for letting us invade your home for this event.  We have come up with our schedule of rides for the year and I hope eve­ryone is excited to get out and ride again. It’s been a long, cold and snowy winter already this year and its only mid-January. We’re going to start out our year in Hurricane at the Tri-State Jamboree March 11-14. Deadline for Registration is Febru­ary 22. You can go to and register.  Don’t forget to put Path­finderzz in the Group/Organization section of the registration form.  The cost of the Jamboree is $100.00 per person but includes breakfast all three days and one dutch oven dinner, an ice cream social and a poker run among other things.  This is a great way for us to support the Tri-State Club who has led us in the past in that area.  This year I would like to challenge all of you to become more aware of land issues that will be affecting the trails we ride. The time has come to quit sitting on the side­lines. There are environ­mentalist lobbies all over trying to turn Utah into a wilderness haven. Your first opportunity to aid in keeping our trails open to us is on February 6 Friday from 12-1 pm at the State Capital Build­ing. I will be there with our club banners and I need some support and help from you to hold those banners.  Please check out the included Flyer about this event and let me know if you can come. Parking is lim­ited and so I would like to car pool if possible. Please try to take the time off and join us at the Capital. Here’s to another great year.

Club Dues and Video


It’s that time again. Time to pay club dues.  The club fee is still $25.00 per family.  You can mail them along with any updated info to: Pathfinderzz ATV Club 610 E. 780 N. Pleasant Grove UT 84062 As I said in the club meeting, the 2007 Video is ready to be burned to dvd.  I ran into a little problem.  It is 3 discs long. Since we rode less this year and I don’t have pictures and video for all of the rides, the 2008 dvd should only be 1 disc. So I am planning on combining them and making it a 4 disc set. Instead of $15 for 2007 and $15 for 2008 the price will be $25 for both.  If you have paid the $15 for 2007 you only need to pay an addi­tional $10 for the additional discs.  If you have questions about this let me know.  I will have the dvd sets available at the rally at the Capital on the 6th. If you have any questions let me know.